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Touching Godliness through Submission is his seventh book published in the United States.

His landmark Revolution in World Missions has more than two million copies in print. Yohannan resides near Dallas, Texas, with his wife, Gisela.

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They have two married children who also serve the Lord through GFA. We all have failed.

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We try to cover it up and hide it from the world—particularly from those closest to us. But we cannot hide it from ourselves and inevitably, along with the actual failure comes the awful sting of regret, disappointment and feelings of worthlessness.

When We Have Failed, What Next?

But author K. Yohannan boldly declares that nothing could be further from the truth!

KEEP FAILING AND YOU WILL SUCCEED - Best Motivational Video for Success, Students, and Entrepreneurs

In a key passage from a book filled with profound thoughts, Dr. But that took me a long time to figure out. Talking to people about your failures is helpful, rather than holding them inside. I talk to Amy my beloved about them.

Now that I have Failed, What is Next?

I talk to my partners about them. I talk to my close friends about them. Rather, I set it free, as quickly as I can. We celebrated its life, buried it, and moved on. I loved this idea and have done it a few other times for failed companies.

(Pdf Book) When We have Failed, What Next? by K.P. Yohannan - Sermon Index

But ultimately, you have to know yourself. Start by understanding that, and bye asking yourself what you are really afraid of. And then go on to whatever is next, in whatever time you are ready for it. This article published in It has been reposted to inspire further conversation. Brad is a co-founder and Managing Director of Foundry Group and has been an early stage tech investor and entrepreneur since Press enter to begin your search.

After Failure, What Comes Next? Brad Feld September 5, Enhance Readability.

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How should one manage their own emotions and their own perspectives post failure? There have to be constructive ways to move forward rather than destructive ways that could lead to lack of confidence, or depression.

Consequences of system failure

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