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Starting from the principles of relativity and minimal action, the motion of point-like particles and the evolution of fields are described in their Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulations. Special emphasis is given to symmetries and conservation laws. Quantisation is introduced in chapter 4 through the example of the scalar field by replacing the Poisson brackets with commutators of operators. Equal-time commutation rules are then used to define creation and destruction operators and the Fock space. Chapter 5 deals with the quantisation of the electromagnetic field. The approach is that of canonical formalism in the Coulomb gauge, but no mention is made of the complication due to the presence of constraints on fields.

V.A. Fock - Selected Works: Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory

Chapters 6 and 7 are dedicated to the Dirac equation and the quantisation of the Dirac field. The propagation of free fields is analysed in chapter 8, while the three chapters that follow introduce the reader to relativistic perturbation theory. The last part of the book is dedicated to applications of QFT formalism to phenomenology. The authors give a detailed account of QED in chapter 14 by discussing a variety of physical processes. The reader is here introduced to the method of Feynman diagrams through explicit examples following a pragmatic approach. Finally, chapters 13 and 16 are devoted to the theory and phenomenology of neutrinos.

In particular, the last section discusses neutrino oscillations both in a vacuum and through matter and presents a thorough analysis of current experimental results. There is also a useful set of exercises at the end of each chapter. Both the pragmatic approach and choice of topics make this book particularly suited for readers who want a concise and self-contained introduction to QFT and its physical consequences. Students will find it a valuable companion in their journey into the subject, and expert practitioners will enjoy the various advanced arguments that are scattered throughout the chapters and not commonly found in other textbooks.

Science cannot be accomplished nowadays without the help of computers to produce, analyse, treat and visualise large experimental data sets. Scientists are called to code their programs using a programming language such as Python, which in recent times has become very popular among researchers in different scientific domains. It is a high-level language that is relatively easy to learn, rich in functionality and fairly compact.

It includes many additional modules, in particular scientific and visualisation tools covering a vast area in numerical computation, which make it very handy for scientists and engineers. In this book, the author covers basic programming concepts — such as numbers, variables, strings, lists, basic data structures, control flow, and functions.

It also deals with advanced concepts and idioms of the Python language and of the tools that are presented, enabling readers to quickly gain proficiency. The most advanced topics and functionalities are clearly marked, so they can be skipped in the first reading. While discussing Python structures, the author explains the differences with respect to other languages, in particular C, which can be useful for readers migrating from these languages to Python. Once the basic concepts of the language are in place, the book passes to the NumPy, SciPy and Matplotlib libraries for numerical programming and data visualisation.

These modules are open source, commonly used by scientists and easy to obtain and install. Osipov, E. Radkevich, N. Rozov, V. Faddeev, G. Chechkin, A. Shamaev, T. Shaposhnikova, A. I, Higher Ed. Faddeev, R. Freyhult, A. Niemi, P. Babaev, L. Buldyrev, A. Vershik, I. Kiselev, L. Surveys , 57 :3 , — Vitushkin, V. Vladimirov, E. Osipov, A. Sergeev, P. A Math. Kashaev, A. Handbook of QCD. Boris Ioffe Festschrift , v. I, Math. Novikov, V. Sazonov, L. Surveys , 55 :5 , — Adian, E. Zel'manov, G. Surveys , 55 :3 , — Zhizhchenko, L.

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Βιβλία αλφαβητικά ανά συγγραφέα

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Quantum Theory, Lecture 21: Relativistic Quantum Mechanics. The Need for Quantum Field Theory.

Zubarev, B. Medvedev, V. Fainberg, O. Khrustalev, I. Aref'eva, O. Zavialov, V. Pavlov, A. Pogrebkov, S. Notes Math. I, II, Math. Japan, Tokyo, Semenov-Tian-Shansky, A. LOMI, , ed. Bogolyubov, A. Ishlinskii, V. Koshlyakov, Yu. Mitropol'skii, L. Reshetikhin, L.

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Ladyzhenskaya, B. Pavlov, M. Surveys , 43 :3 , — Gorbachev, V. Ligachev, N. Ryzhkov, N. Slyun'kov, A. Yakovlev, B. El'tsin, G. Velikhov, A. Koptyug, K. Yanshin, G. Skryabin, N. Gel'fand, V. Mikhalevich, E. Pontryagin, Yu. Prokhorov, S. Surveys , 43 :1 , 1—2. Alekseev, Ya. Madaichik, L. Veselova, S. Merkurev, L. Conservation of the environment. Environmental management. Energy resources. Natural disasters. Nuclear issues. Climate change. Social impact of environmental issues.

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