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Cassandra Watts, and Kendra Smith for their assistance with this project. We appreciate your interest in this topic. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Dr. Pei-Chun Hsieh at pchsieh temple. Below there are nine modules online trainings containing information on topics related to successful aging for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

Working Papers & Publications

Three provider modules are developed to inform people who are working with individuals with developmental disabilities on how to assist their consumers age well. Five consumer modules focus on the strategies for individuals with developmental disabilities and family members to live in their prefered environment as long as they wish.

As you scroll down the page, the three provider modules will appear first, followed by the five consumer modules. You can review the topic of each module and its learning outcomes to determine what information you will take away after completing the module. To enter a module: Click on "Begin this module" listed under the outcomes. Rapid population aging, once associated with only a select group of modern industrialized nations, has now become a topic of increasing global concern.

This volume reframes aging on a global scale by illustrating the multiple ways it is embedded within individual, social, and cultural life courses. It presents a broad range of ethnographic work, introducing a variety of conceptual and methodological approaches to studying life-course transitions in conjunction with broader sociocultural transformations.

Through detailed accounts, in such diverse settings as nursing homes in Sri Lanka, a factory in Massachusetts, cemeteries in Japan and clinics in Mexico, the authors explore not simply our understandings of growing older, but the interweaving of individual maturity and intergenerational relationships, social and economic institutions, and intimate experiences of gender, identity, and the body.

Chapter 1.

Aging Transitions–Geriatric Care Management

Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Older workers.

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Strength and balance. Planning and preparation.

Vibrant Living: Managing Life's Transitions As We Age

Social connections. Specialist housing.

The Transitions of Aging

State pension age. Voluntary sector. Age discrimination. Centre for Ageing Better.

Disabled Facilities Grant. Falls prevention. Financial security. Flexible working. Health and work. Home adaptations. Home improvement agencies. Home ownership. Housing association. Insecure work.