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A bit of backstory, now, on The Death of WCW, which was a very different book when it was originally pitched. The site had gotten quite a bit of traffic, and to me it made zero sense not to keep that bit of name recognition. Reluctantly, ECW Press agreed. No doubt there were those in the office who had to have been thinking that Jack David, President of ECW Press, was off his rocker for giving into my weird demand, but all was good when the book hit and it was a shocking success.

The Wrestlecrap Book of Lists!

Thus, the request for a follow up. I struggled a bit with it, and finally came up with three different ideas for my next book, one of which had nothing to do with wrestling at all. The co-author for that book was going to be Matt over at x-entertainment.

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Turns out Matt was a fan of my site, so there was a mutual admiration society thing going. We pitched the idea to ECW, and they said no. Still to this day I think when Matt writes his first book, ECW will kick themselves for not signing him.

Oh, and I say when, not if, because it just makes too much sense and someone will make too much money for this not to happen. I just hope I might be fortunate enough to co-author it with him. To learn more about how we use and protect your data, please see our privacy policy. The WrestleCrap Book of Lists! WrestleCrap series by R. Reynolds ebook. Irreverent, off-kilter, and certain to be offensive to all, this compendium is a hilarious look at the lunacy of professional wrestling.

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More about R. New here? Learn how to read digital books for free. Required Cookies These cookies allow you to explore OverDrive services and use our core features. This tell-all literally tells it all. It then steps back decades before, when there were regional territories in the wrestling world. The book takes its time going from that point back to the death of Owen Hart, hitting on many different points. The book centers around the building of McMahon's dynasty eventually as it goes in depth about the strategies McMahon used to take down his competition.

It also brings in the irony that some of that strategy was used against him by Eric Bischoff and WCW. Despite not having citations to reference some of the claims, the book is fair enough to toe the line and tell both sides of the controversial stories. This isn't just for wrestling fans, but it sure will help a wrestling fan gain a better understanding of wrestling history. If you need one person to talk about multiple legendary promotions over the course of multiple decades, look no further than Terry Funk and his book.

Funk's book is presented very casually, almost like you are sitting down and interviewing the hardcore legend. As the subtitle suggests, this is more about Funk's war stories from being hardcore. The book shows Funk's opinion of some of the greats of wrestling history that he worked with, including Dusty Rhodes, Jerry Lawler and Mick Foley. It also talks about Funk's family, arguably the first family of pro wrestling.

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The book goes into how both Terry and his brother, Dory, became champions in promotions. Funk is a great wrestling mind to show how the business has changed over the years.

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Be sure to read up on Terry Funk's career, because it will be hard for you to read this book just once. Mick Foley's second book was a lot different compared to his first one. Foley Is Good is a nice book for the legendary fan favorite to talk about his passion for the business and the love for his family. It shows a nice balance between family life and Foley's emotion about the WWE. The first book was a lot more wrestling oriented, but this book actually shows a realistic split for Foley, who had already hit most of his success in the business.

Foley defends WWE during a time period where they were often ridiculed and dragged through the mud. Foley states in the book that he doesn't like being compared to God. The way that the wrestling world goes, anyway, Foley might not be too far off from God. Wrestling fans know ultimately how Eddie Guerrero's life ended.

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  • However, this book on his story was in the works prior to his death. Sharing the title of a DVD released the year before, 's Cheating Death, Stealing Life was a very nice book that appropriately told the story of Guerrero and his great life. The book recaps the history of lucha libre wrestling, as well as brings in stories from Japan and the infamous WCW locker room. Guerrero does not make light of his situation of being born into a big wrestling family. He also does not hold back on himself from his fight with alcohol and drug abuse. Vince McMahon wrote a one-page introduction to memorialize Guerrero, who passed away before this book was published. Chris Jericho's second book is the book that goes in depth about Jericho's WWE career, beginning with his debut. Jericho would learn from mistakes and turn in a very impressive career.

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    The main thing to talk about with this book is Jericho's entire chapter talking about the late Chris Benoit, a very close friend of Jericho's. The chapter goes into the entire relationship between the two, both in the ring and out of it. It also has some profound moments from Jericho reacting to Benoit's double murder-suicide. Jericho explains the steps he took to try to make sense of what happened, looking into any and all possibilities.

    There is some negative stuff in this book, but it is still a nice read.

    WrestleCrap Books!

    It is especially better if read after Jericho's first book, which we will mention later. If you don't know who was responsible for the booking for Jim Crockett's Starrcade, as well as World Championship Wrestling, Gary Hart is the man you need to thank. Hart was such an influential man behind the scenes in the wrestling world.