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It is also cross-referenced so that the relationships between scientific authors, entomologists and others can be followed. Many entries have been contributed by the people so honoured who are not necessarily odonatologists, entomologists, zoologists or even great men of science. Many damselflies and dragonflies are named for the author's family members, friends and those who collected the species holotypes, while others are figures from myth or history.

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In fact, it could be anything from the author's mother to a favourite musician! Because entries may include details of dates, places, educational and work institutions, it is possible to discover information about each person and for a picture to be built of how the science sometimes follows groupings of colleagues or those significantly influenced by charismatic teachers. Sometimes a name refers not to a person but to a fictional character or mythological figure.

Following the success of their Eponym Dictionary of Reptiles, the authors have joined forces to give amphibians a similar treatment. They have tracked down 1, honoured individuals and composed for each a brief, pithy biography.


In some cases these are a reminder of the courage of scientists whose dedicated research in remote locations exposed them to disease and even violent death. The eponym ensures that their memory will survive, aided by reference works such as this highly readable dictionary.

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Altogether 2, amphibians are listed. I found the book captivating. I enjoyed reading the short capsule biographies, many of which contained details that I found fascinating, and encourage further reading. MacCulloch, Phyllomedusa While this book functions effectively as an etymological dictionary, it also works as a treasure trove of amusing and intriguing nuggets of biographical detail.

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The directory is arranged alphabetically by these individuals' names. Normally, the name of an individual within the scientific name is a tribute from the zoologist who first formally described the species to a colleague sometimes the person who collected the specimen , or to a sponsor of the research. But the many possible variations all are explained in this book, which is primarily intended to serve as a reference for amateurs or specialists interested in this background.

For anyone interested in natural history, this volume makes for fascinating browsing. Additionally it serves as an excellent illustration of the web of scientific and personal relationships in the field. The source of the scientific names is the AmphibiaWeb database at Berkeley, supplemented by standard directories and the scientific literature. Ahuitzotl Imperial salamander Pseudoeurycea ahuitzotl Adler, Ahuitzotl d.

He was perhaps the greatest known military leader of Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica having, during his reign, doubled the size of land under Aztec dominance. He was in power at the time when the Spanish conquered Mexico. Bay Springs Salamander, Catahoula Salamander] Jackson Harold Ainsworth died before was an American naturalist who collected for the Southern Mississippi University the only two known specimens from a single site in Jasper County, Mississippi.

Lazell made several subsequent collecting attempts to locate more. He had identified the salamanders as a new species when he came across them in the museum collection. All fifteen attempts have proved unsuccessful. Akha Torrent Frog sp. Amolops akhaorum Stuart et al.

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Alberch Robber Frog sp. His bachelor's degree was awarded by Kansas University and his doctorate by the University of California, Berkeley. He was at Harvard — as a lecturer in biology, and Curator of Herpetology at the Museum of Comparative Zoology. He resigned his directorship on health grounds and was due to move to Valencia but died suddenly of heart disease.

Menzies named eight new species of Albericus , one of which is Albericus rhenaurum — rhenaurum being Latin for Rheingold. The other seven all have Wagnerian connotations and appear in this book. Alberico Robber Frog sp. He moved to Colombia after graduating in biology from the University of Illinois and taking his master's degree and doctorate in zoology at the University of New Mexico He was murdered; shot dead after withdrawing money from an ATM.

In the citation he is described as one 'who devoted his scientific career to the study of Colombian mammals.

Alcorn Leaf Frog sp. Ray Alcorn DNF was a collector and wildlife biologist. Much of his career was spent working for the U. Fish and Wildlife Service. He also spent over 50 years gathering data for The Birds of Nevada He collected small mammals along the Alaska Highway in British Columbia, southern Yukon, and southern Alaska — and was collecting in Mexico and — A mammal is named after him.

A reptile is named after him. Alessandro Rocket Frog sp. Florida International University awarded his PhD He has written or co-written c. The etymology reads: 'The specific epithet is a patronym for Alessandro Catenazzi in recognition of his field studies of the Peruvian herpetofauna. From childhood he collected birds, insects, minerals and plants. He asked the President to create a National Museum and then dedicated much of his life to it, becoming Director soon after it was established He spent his life teaching and exploring as well as continuing to collect.

He wrote poetry and a number of books, including one on Costa Rican mammals.

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Three mammals and two birds are named after him. Alfred is an independent researcher who was Director, Zoological Survey of India — His MSc was awarded by Karnatak University. Among other papers and books he wrote Waterbirds of Northern India Excerpted by permission of Pelagic Publishing. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist.

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