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I currently have the Maui Revealed but might purchase the Frommer's guide before our flight to give me plenty of good reading during our long east coast flight. Sure thing, the more the bettah I always say. The various descriptions of places will also give you a better picture of what to expect. The details in frommer's and mile by mile far exceed revealed IMHO. I am prone to also enjoying photos of what I'm about to see. You do have a long flight ahead of you.

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I guess you're leaving from ATL? I used to do that a while back myself.

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Not too bad, but it's long. I completely understand resisdents irritation with the Revealed series. It's too bad since it's such a good guide book. It would be great if some kind of balance could be reached.

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Just a note on the authros though - at least twice I have emailed the authors through their website and each time, to my great surprise, I received a reply within a few days. Once was even to tell me they knew nothing personally about a lodging location I was asking about. I thought this was pretty good. I am glad to learn about the Maui Mile by Mile - it's sounds great - and beautiful which I think is one of the appeals of Maui Revelaed.

Color pictures are the best! I found out the other day that Harriett Friedman of the Revealed series is no longer on the books. I can't help but be curious as to what happened. We are actually flying out of Charlotte and connecting in Vegas. Definitely not looking forward to it but the thoughts of being in the sand and surf later that day will keep me smiling!

How long is that Frommer's book anyways? I love detailed books so it sounds right up my alley. The Revealed books are the most interesting reads - and the best organized IMHO despite their controversial aspect.

  • Moon Handbooks: Moon Maui : Including Molokai and Lanai by Kyle Ellison (2016, Paperback)!
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The Maui Mile by Mile book is more of a Road to Hana brochure than a Maui guidebook - 80 of the something pages are devoted to this drive and the rest of the island sights are given "blurbs" if anything. The black and white photos are small, blurry, and on poor paper. Just my two cents Wouldn't buy it again. Last week you actually accuse me of being one of them, and you seemingly dislike their books for the purpose of disliking them. I suspect this has something do with your encounter with one of them at Konaweb where I met them.

For everyone else, give them a shot, the books are worth the price and are excellent. Nope, my review was unbiased. You brought the topic up, supposedly for discussion, and I discussed I enjoy them immensely and feel well-qualified to comment on them Like you, I love Hawaii , visit whenever I can, and like to help others on these forums.

Sorry if I wrongly "accused" you. I find some of your posts suspiciously solicitous. My bad Nicely detailed post Pelekai! Maui is my favorite island so I think I have just about all the books you commented on. You are right. There are definite advantages to the Revealed book But, yikes, the locals do NOT like it. We tried to hide it when driving around the less "touristy" areas so not to get bad looks. I agree that they do reveal too much and we ran into a few "situations" that resulted in some locals telling us nicely that where we were was private property Blue Pool comes to mind.

Interested in island hopping? Visiting all the Islands? Check out Moon Hawaiian Islands. Immerse yourself in the wonders of the island with Moon Maui. Strategic itineraries showcase the best of Maui in an easy-to-navigate format for honeymoons, outdoor adventures, and family vacations Curated advice from local author and trailblazer Kyle Ellison, who offers his adventurous, eco-friendly perspective on his home island. Moon Maui is the guide most recommended by locals. For more info on Kyle and his travels, visit him at kylethevagabond. The historic town of Lahaina was once the capital of the Hawaiian kingdom, and it retains a port town atmosphere.

Warm weather and mostly dry conditions make this region a spectacular place for outdoor adventure. Most visitors blow through town en route to their beachfront resort, but Central Maui has its own set of sights off the regularly worn trail. South Maui: From the celebrity-laden resorts of Wailea to the condo-dwelling snowbirds of Kihei, South Maui is all about worshipping the sun and enjoying the procession of beaches.

Moon Maui: With Molokai & Lanai - eBook

Just offshore, Molokini Crater offers foot visibility and the chance to snorkel with up to species of fish. Agriculture and produce dominate Kula, and everything from vegetables to vineyards, coffee, and goat cheese can be found in this rural and relaxing enclave. Watch the dramatic sunrise from the frosty peak of towering Haleakala, the sacred volcano from which the demigod Maui famously snared the sun. Along the famous, twisting Road to Hana, tumbling waterfalls and rugged hiking trails await.

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Whether you are staying here or making a day trip from Maui, everything from hiking to scuba diving, golfing, and surfing can be enjoyed readily without the crowds. While Hana and Kapalua can see rain during the summer, Lahaina and Kihei can go six straight months without a single drop. During the winter November-April , there can be plenty of rain.

Experienced surfers will have the best chance of finding big surf in winter. Airfare is cheaper, occupancy rates are lower, and many activities are discounted. Whale season runs December May 15, with peak whalewatching January March Visiting Maui during May and September gives you the benefit of summer weather with lower prices and fewer crowds. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist.

USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Endless stretches of golden sand, legendary surf, and epic outdoor adventures: Discover the true meaning of living Aloha with Moon Maui. About the Author Kyle Ellison began researching the island of Maui when he first moved there at the tender age of five. Show More. Average Review.