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For the sake of simplicity one may assume that a cluster algebra of rank n is a subring of a given field of rational functions in n variables generated by all cluster variables.

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This very definition emphasizes the geometric and combinatorial nature of a cluster algebra, which is not surprising if one remembers that cluster algebras were defined in the context of Lie theory. Thus, examples of cluster algebras include coordinate rings of Grassmannians, Lagrangian-Grassmannians, and several other flag varieties important in the representation theory of algebraic groups. There are several connections of cluster algebras to other subjects in mathematics. Reineke and A. Williams Bull. By a natural approach, going from categories of modules over hereditary algebras, cluster categories were introduced to categorify the essential components in the definition of a cluster algebra in some important cases, basically replacing some components of the definition by a corresponding categorical concept which captures the essence of the component.

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Gekhtman and M. Shapiro AMS, This roll-call is only intended to show the variety of diverse subjects where cluster algebras play a fundamental role. Thus, the task of presenting an introduction to this relatively new field in mathematics involves making several choices. The basic notions and properties of cluster algebras are the content of the first three chapters. Here the emphasis is on motivation, and many explicit examples are discussed at length.

Proofs are given of many of the statements, but the reader is assumed to be willing to fill in some details or go the detailed references to find a proof of a resulted being quoted. The next three chapters treat the finite type classification theory in terms of the ubiquitous Dynkin diagrams and a simplicial complex associated to a cluster algebra of finite type. The last three chapters are devoted to illustrating how cluster algebras arise in some other areas of mathematics. From the Zamolodchikov periodicity conjecture in mathematical physics to quivers associated to marked Riemann surfaces, and to the cluster algebra structure of the coordinate ring of the Grassmannian variety.

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