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Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Edible medicinal and non medicinal plants 1. Synonyms Dimocarpus longan Lour. Steudel, Euphoria longana L. The crop is mainly grown in Dimocarpus longan subsp. Scattered trees are found at higher eleva- tions in South-East Asia. Annual rainfall of 1,—2, mm is probably required in the absence of irrigation. Ample soil moisture is needed from fruit set until maturity. Longan pre- fers rich well-drained sandy loams, it does well on oolitic limestone.

InnorthernThailandlonganorchards are often situated on the lighter alluvial soils along former river courses. Edible Plant Parts and Uses The fruit pulp arilloid is edible, extremely sweet, juicy and succulent. It is best eaten fresh, out-of-hand or frozen, thawed and eaten. The fruit is also eaten cooked in various cuisines, dried or canned in its own juice or in syrup.


Canned longan is usually used in various hot or cold desserts. Dried longan is commonly used in Asian herbal soups, as snacks, dessert, beverage and sweet-and-sour food. Dried longan is a bupin fruit used to make bupin which is equivalent to home-made, therapeutic, tonic food to revitalise and strengthen the body Hu Botany An evergreen tree, growing to 20 m with a rough corky trunk with diameter reaching 1 m and dark- brown, lenticellate twigs.

New growth is wine-colored and showy. Pedicels short 2—4 mm, bracts patent, 1. Fruit drupaceous, 1. Longan fruit had the highest vitamin C content Longan was found to compare favourably to fresh papayas Longans were found to be a good source of potassium K and copper Cu.

Copper ranged from 0. Sun et al. From the pulp of longan, three cerebroside molecular species have been isolated. All the cerebrosides were shown to be a mixture of geometrical isomers 8E and 8Z of sphingosine-type or phy- tosphingosine-type glucocerebrosides possessing 2-hydroxy fatty acids. Cerebrosides are impor- tant components in animal muscle and nerve cell membranes.

Similar analyses also showed evidence of ellagic acid glycosides. Longan fruit arils also contained adenosine, adenine, uridine, and 5-methyluridine Okuyama et al. There was a large variation in the contents of gallic acid, corilagin, and ellagic acid in different plant tissues and cul- tivars. Seed contained the highest levels of the three phenolics, and pulp contained the lowest. Among commercial Thai cultivars, Biewkiew and Edor contained the highest levels of gallic and ellagic acid while Srichompoo contained the highest content of corilagin.

The authors main- tained that utilization of this byproduct material will support the use of thousands of tons of waste longan seeds after the production of canned longan pulp. The polyphenolic fraction The seed oil of longan, was found to contain Esters Three acetylenic amino acids: 2-aminometh- ylhexynoic acid, 2-aminohydroxymethylhex- 5-ynoic acid, and 2-aminohydroxyheptynoic acid were characterised from longan seeds Sung et al. Other 5. Antioxidant Activity In DPPH 2,2-diphenylpicrylhydrazyl and superoxide radicals scavenging activity, longan seed extract was found to be as effective as Japanese green tea extract while dried longan pulp and mulberry green tea extracts showed the least scavenging activities Rangkadilok et al.

In the ORAC assay, both fresh and dried longan seed also exerted higher activity than dried pulp and whole fruit. Longan extracts contained corilagin ranging from zero to He et al. Their results suggested that gal- lic and ellagic acids were not the main contributors; 15 other phenolic compounds were found in lon- gan pericarp, all contributing to a synergistic defence system against oxidation.

High pressure- assisted extract of longan fruit pericarp exhibited excellent antioxidant activity as assessed by DPPH radical scavenging activity, superoxide anion radi- cal activity, total antioxidant and lipid peroxida- tion inhibitory activity Prasad et al.

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Lobularia maritima. Combretum indicum. Cheilocostus speciosus. Costus barbatus.

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